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Connected vehicles and new traffic apps improve traffic flow and get commuters to their destinations faster. But with driver behaviors and traffic patterns constantly changing, keeping pace is challenging. By bringing together traditional traffic operations systems with security and incident response platforms, Genetec Traffic Sense™ breaks down silos and provides you with a complete picture of incidents as they happen, leading to faster response times and an enhanced driving experience.

Traffic Sense

Traffic Sense replaces your advanced traffic management system with a versatile, open architecture platform.

Evolve with your environment

Traffic Sense is a traffic operations platform that combines incident identification, verification, management, and communication into a single platform. It unifies security devices, traffic systems, and incident response platforms in a single solution, letting you automate actions, visualize data, and act quickly to resolve traffic congestion. Built on a versatile, open architecture platform, Traffic Sense allows you to continuously improve your procedures and bring in new technologies as they emerge, so your system evolves with your traffic needs.

Who does Traffic Sense help?

Members of the Department of Transportation need to understand trends to make infrastructure investment decisions

Intelligent Transportation Systems Manager

Identify incidents, communicate detours, and coordinate responses faster by unifying your traffic systems, video surveillance, and incident response from a single platform. Evaluate where to invest in new infrastructure with origin-destination studies and assess the impact of new programs by measuring changes in travel time and vehicle volume on your roads. Expand your understanding of road conditions without installing new hardware by pulling third-party data directly into your traffic operations system.

Infrastructure managers not only need to calculate border wait times for themselves, but also communicate them to drivers

Operations Managers

Draw drivers to your border crossing, bridge or tunnel by communicating up to date wait times to them automatically. Use the combination of travel time technologies that best fits your needs with support for automatic license plate recognition, Bluetooth and third-party data streams to display lane by lane wait times. Promote ridesharing and pre-screening programs by letting drivers how much time they save when using high occupancy vehicle (HOV) and Nexus lanes.

Cities are doing more and more to connect their transportation network, so citizens understand how best to get where they are going

Municipal Traffic Managers

Direct drivers along the best route and improve traffic flow while reducing driver distraction. Dynamically display travel time and parking availability so drivers can make informed decisions as early as possible, helping them navigate through your city. Automate routine tasks and maintenance to free up your operators to focus on resolving incidents and decreasing congestion.

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Key benefits

Reduce operator stress by automating routine tasks and maintenance

Free your operators’ time to do more

Bring all your traffic data together in a single system. Traffic Sense unifies traffic data, dynamic message sign control, surveillance, video analytics, and incident management. Automate routine tasks and maintenance to free up your operators’ attention so they can respond to incidents and improve traffic flow.

Understand what is happening across your network of roads to coordinate efficient emergency interventions

Get your roads back to normal, faster

Give your team a clear view of any situation. With a unified platform, your operators are able to see all information relevant to incidents and congestion in a single, intuitive interface. By improving situational awareness, you are able to move from incident detection to intervention faster, decreasing the risk of secondary incidents.

Invest in a system that evolves with your technological needs.

Continuously evolve with your environment

Adapt to new technologies with a versatile traffic operations solution. Traffic Sense provides user-definable standard operating procedures and a dynamic workflow builder, allowing you to easily adjust and improve your incident response and bring in new technology and tools as they emerge.

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