Key Benefits

  • Tap into a wide selection of standard security reports or build your own
  • Access your reports while on the move with an intuitive web app
  • Filter your data, save your searches, and share information across your organization
  • Increase efficiency with automated report generation and communication via email
  • Cross-reference and validate past events and alarms with recorded video
  • Leverage the Security Center SDK to build custom reports

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Improve the effectiveness of security and IT operations with flexible, automated reporting

Whether looking for a daily snapshot of events or conducting an in-depth investigation or threat assessment, Security Center’s dynamic reporting functionality enables operators to quickly generate activity, maintenance, and configuration reports for video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition.

Starting with a library of built-in reports, you can build and save your own report templates based on your organizational security policy and procedures. You can then automate report generation to guarantee they are automatically emailed with the right content, to the right recipients, at the right time. And since the configuration and viewing of reports are built-in, there is no need to export and re-import information from external reporting tools, greatly improving overall efficiency.

Sample Applications

On the Spot Investigations

When an unforeseen incident occurs, kick start your investigation by jumping from live monitoring to reporting activities from the same user app.

Centralized Multi-Site Reporting

Larger organizations with multiple independent locations can run reports across some or all of their sites.

Unified Investigations

You can run unified reports across your video, access control, and intrusion systems from a single application and with the same consistent workflows.

Security and IT Specific Reporting

Generate IT related reports, allowing you to view unit status, device connectivity, IP settings, and more.

Core Reporting Tasks

Security Center offers a variety of activity, configuration, and maintenance reports to address your day-to-day needs as well as investigate unexpected events, across two or more product lines.

Category Available Reports
Investigations Alarm, incident, and zone activities
User activity Audit trails, user and operator activities
Maintenance System status, hardware inventory, health history and statistics
Intrusion Panel Intrusion detection area activities and device events
Asset Management Asset activities and asset inventory list
Point-of-Sale (PoS) Transactions list and details


Next-Generation Hybrid Report Layout

Security Center reporting is centralized, built-in, flexible and dynamic. It moves away from traditional reporting and offers a dedicated task per report with a hybrid view consisting of an events list and video display tiles.


Reporting Capabilities

Security Center reporting is embedded within your security platform and allows you to:

  • Create custom reports, save them as templates, and share within your organization
  • Manually or automatically export reports to PDF, XLS, and other formats
  • Automate report generation and distribute them on schedule or on event via email
  • Run multiple reports at the same time
  • Assign report access with user privileges
  • Right click from any display tile or event list to run a report
  • Drag and drop a report result to view associated video
  • Jump from one report to another with ease
  • Preview reports prior to printing
  • Create custom reports with the Security Center SDK (Software Development Kit)

Access Control, Video, and ALPR Specific Reporting Tasks

Security Center offers a range of standard reports specific to access control, video, and license plate recognition. Each and every report can be customized through flexible filters, saved under a new name, and shared.

Cardholder activities, credential activities, door and elevator activities, visitor activities, visitor list and visit details, area activities, time and attendance, area presence and occupancy, unit events and health history, credential request history, cardholder and credential configuration lists, access rule configuration, cardholder access rights, door troubleshooting

Archives, bookmarks, motion search, camera events, forensic searches, video archiver events, video archiver storage details, camera configuration

License plate reads and hits, reads/hits per day, reads/hits per zone, zone occupancy, route playback (mobile ALPR), inventory list , daily used per patroller, logons per patroller