Comprehensive support and services options

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. With Genetec™ Lifecycle Management, Genetec Assurance™, and Genetec Advantage™, we ensure to offer you comprehensive support and services options that will cover your system throughout the lifetime of your product.

Our coverage

Genetec Assurance

Genetec Assurance

Genetec Assurance, our standard support and services offering, provides you with self-service tools, learning resources, and online technical assistance that is tracked through a personalized support dashboard. Our technical support and resources are designed to help you keep your system up and running effectively.

Genetec Assurance highlights

  • General assistance from our support specialists via Online Case Management throughout the lifetime of the product
  • Initial access to advanced troubleshooting and case follow-up by phone when required
  • Software updates and hardware integrations within the release purchased
  • Unlimited access to vast online information portal, video library, and peer-to-peer forum
  • Self-service online learning tools for the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the system
Genetec Advantage

Genetec Advantage

Our premium support and services offering, Genetec Advantage, can be purchased for up to five years at a time, on a renewable basis. This support option gives you access to all software releases, the latest updates, real-time advanced troubleshooting, monitoring tools and technical consultations to assess the health of your system. You also benefit from complimentary Stratocast™ camera connections and Cloud Archives to help you expand your system into the cloud risk-free.

Genetec Advantage highlights

  • Unlimited real-time† chat and phone support, advanced troubleshooting including collaborative support
  • Software updates, hotfixes, major and minor releases
  • Committed rapid response and follow-up on all support channels and fast resolution times
  • System Availability Monitor for all systems
  • Options for 24/7 coverage and/or dedicated account support

†Real-time customer interactions require a valid technical certification

Support at a glance

 Genetec AssuranceGenetec Advantage
Cost Included Based on Deployment Scale
Duration System Lifetime 1-5 Years
Online Self-Help Tools
Online Support Case Management
General Technical Assistance
Real-time Support† Deployment Assistance
Advanced Troubleshooting Deployment Assistance
Collaborative Support Model*  
Comprehensive Service Levels  
Software Warranty Updates Available within Release
New Software Releases and Hotfixes  
System Availability Monitor  
Optional Advanced Support   • 24/7 Support**
• Dedicated Support Engineer**
Access to Professional Services   • Field Engineering**
• Deployment Project Management**
Up to: 40 hours Technical Consultation Included
Enhanced Features   Up to: 100 TB of Cloud Archives
100 Stratocast™ Standard Cameras
†Real-time customer interactions require a valid technical certification
* Knowledgeable interactive transfers from front-line technicians to product support specialists as needed to streamline case resolution.
** Optional with Genetec™ Advantage.

Product lifecycle

Product Lifecycle

Modern software evolves at a rapid pace. Genetec constantly updates its products to keep up with customer needs as they develop. Defining a lifecycle policy for our software is an important step in continuing to deliver consistent support for all of our customers, throughout the lifetime of the products they own. Customers can benefit from technical assistance, product training and certification, software updates, security fixes, emergency hot fixes, product documentation and more.

Read on for more information about the level of support to be expected at every stage of the product lifecycle. If you are an existing Genetec customer, please visit the Product Lifecycle Management page in the Genetec portal for more information.

Product lifecycle policy summary

End of sale
End of life
Product available for sale (new system and new end users) x x x
Product available for extension to existing system x x
Technical support available 1 1 Requires Genetec Advantage x
Genetec Product Certification available x x x
Software warranty updates: SR, CU and security fixes 2 x x
Emergency hot fixes availability Requires Genetec Advantage Requires Genetec Advantage Requires Genetec Advantage x
Documentation available on website 3 3 x
License maintenance
1 Online support with Genetec Assurance, and optional live support with Genetec Advantage
2 Security Center: CU up to 1 year after next version is released. No more SR once next minor version is released. Omnicast™: Camera integration only and Omnicast 4.8 and on demand
3 For Security Center 5.2 and up only Omnicast 4.6 and up only